From furniture to house, 2m26 designs plans and builds them up.


Seats, tables, beds and cupboards / to get, to caress or to build yourself / three lines of unique pieces / established patterns or made to measure / wood and that’s it.

  • Thin
  • Raw
  • Burned
  • Cushioned
  • House

    A floor, a roof and sliding walls / turnkey or participative construction work / from the shelter to the house / planks, planks and more planks.


    A purpose, a place and humans / made to measure creations for a singular desire / for private individuals or professionals / spaces.


    Born in 2015, 2m26 summarizes ten years of researches and experiments about inhabiting.

    Proceeding between design and architecture, 2m26 offers tools for living / handmade, thrifty and luxury / unique pieces designed and produced on demand / raw materials, natural processings and mastered development / simple, handsome and functional.

    The crew :
    mélanie heresbach / artist / architect.
    sébastien renauld / artist / architect.

    In France :
    38, sentier du clos chatton, 54000 Nancy.

    In Japan :
    Matoba-cho, minami-ku, Hiroshima.
    Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto.